We have extra land. Anybody want to farm it?

Food security is the ultimate liberty.  If you can do it in  urban NYC, you can do it anywhere.  For some more inspiration, watch this YouTube video.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDxBEUOImjI

The Village on Sewanee Creek is about 750 rural acres on Tennessee’s lush Cumberland Plateau.  Of that, about 80 acres is cleared land that could be farmed.  Some of it is.  (The balance is either in deep woods or in a deep rugged canyon nature preserve) We have already built a community raised bed garden.  But there’s more.  Either on lots currently owned by Villagers, but as yet unfarmed or on unsold lots.

Want to farm but need land?  We have it and we can help you learn to farm.  Call us at (931) 442-1444.

5 thoughts on “We have extra land. Anybody want to farm it?

  1. I’m interested in farming!!! I’m currently a student at UTC chattanooga and am interested in really living and creating community. I have a small background in farming(i grew up on one in arkansas) but my life has changed so mcuh then. Im ready to simplify and farm.
    Thanks for any information
    Ray Jones


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  3. Respected Sir

    I am an individual & my misses both tying to rediscover, obtain, & propagate, redistribute, share & effectively use information collect samples, non-hybrid seeds, cuttings of wildly grown non cultivated cereals, grains,vegetables,shrubs food stuff etc. as hobby. I am a young of 48 Yrs.& preferable taking VRS/ Resignation in the coming few months . I am habitual of extensive traveling.
    I just don’t want to be an employee, but rather do some paperless practical work on the farm activities regarding my hobby.

    I prefer going & staying on the farm by present management the homesteading way. I am interested in relating on the farm activities so as can continue with my hobby too.
    Can U suggest some ways that cooperation in above matters be able to make any sensible contribution for the development of rural areas & myself getting a chance to be nearer to nature?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thank U

    Mr . D Prashant & Mrs.D Sangita


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