Four Mild Seasons in the Tennessee Mountains

It’s winter on the Cumberland Plateau – one of my favorite seasons.  Sheer, craggy cliffs, shielded from view by the summer canopy have appeared along the bluff, framed by verdant hemlocks and pines.    With leaves off the trees, one can appreciate the rolling topography on the plateau top.  Winter rains have filled the creeks and the waterfalls roar their approval.  Rocks and trees flaunt dazzling green moss and ferns carpet the ground.

Our mild winter temperatures normally range from the low 40s to 60s, but this weeks cold snap will assure that the insect population in summer will be sparse and pleasant.  As temperatures return to normal it will be a wonderful time to explore nature’s wonders in the Village 500-acre common preserve.  Nearby Fiery Gizzard and Savage Gulf are famous hikes in these parts, but they’ve got nothing on Sewanee Creek Gulf and they aren’t part of a sustainable community.

Bring your hiking boots and let us know when you’re coming.  We love another excuse to host our friends on a hike through nature.

2 thoughts on “Four Mild Seasons in the Tennessee Mountains

    • We have enjoyed the holidays with lots of guests. Today we hiked to the triple castle rock and Miller’s Falls. It was cold, clear and beautiful. The falls are spectacular as always. You are welcome to come hike our nature preserve.


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