How To Multiply Your Good Works For The Planet: Share!

Q: How can I save energy and money around the house and also help the climate?
A: Switch to compact fluorescent lightbulbs.

Q: But how can I do more than that, and have more fun too?
A: Start an eating co-op! Host a sewing circle! Join a car-sharing group! Share stuff!

Many of us are examining our lives to find ways we can reduce our impact on the overheating, overfished, eroded, paved and poisoned planet. Of course there are lots of little things we each can do that will make a small change in our individual footprint, and those are good places to start. But we’re realizing that we’ve reached a time when big changes are called for–and lots of them.

Are we up to it? Well, the good news is that many of the changes we need to make will also improve our quality of life. They don’t mean more drudgery and boredom–they mean more companionship, support, freedom, and downright fun. I’m talking, of course, about joining our lives with other people: about community.

More and more people now understand that community and cooperation are a central part of the way forward to a healthier planet and a thriving society. Our communities are even getting positive coverage in places like USA Today and US News & World Report.

Quoted from Communities Magazine

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