Tennessee Living

Why I bought, developed, and now offer Tennessee mountain land for sale

When I began my search for the best place to live with my family, I started broad and methodically narrowed to this spot on Tennessee’s historic Cumberland Plateau. There are four reasons why I chose Tennessee mountain property to live on and to invest in.

First is the natural beauty. Over the span of a 30-year international business career, I’ve lived in or traveled to over fifty countries and every continent except Antarctica. In our beautiful country, I’ve lived in Hawaii, Florida, California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Massachusetts and Kentucky. I’ve visited Yellowstone, the Grand Canyons of Arizona and Kauai, John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High ski resorts in Utah and Colorado, Alaska’s beautiful Kenai Peninsula and California’s Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks, to name a few. I’ve experienced fall “leaf peeping” in New England and I’ve enjoyed sailing and snorkeling on many of the Islands of the Caribbean.

I’ve seen some gorgeous places. None of them top this. The Cumberland Plateau is like a forested, primeval Grand Canyon. There are places I have hiked to within the Village common area that I doubt any human has visited in 25, maybe 50 years and, at times, I have literally gasped in awe for breath.

Second is Tennessee’s low cost of living. It’s second to none unless you’re ready to learn Spanish and move somewhere like Costa Rica or Mexico. Starting with no State Income Tax, Tennessee’s low property taxes (lowest of all in the unincorporated portion of Marion County, TN), low cost of labor and services, property, construction, insurance, and the list goes on.

Third is the Southern Mountain Culture. Being “on the mountain” as locals call it is like stepping back fifty years in time. Locals here, whether a close friend or a waitress at the diner, look you in the eye with a simple sincerity I haven’t found elsewhere. They spend their leisure time in one of two ways, enjoying nature in “the gulf” (deep forested canyons) mostly with family or sitting on the porch sharing tall tales and good company. I’ve made many friends here that I trust completely on a handshake and it’s very difficult to put a friend in your debt. They keep doing unexpected deeds of kindness. Religious conviction runs deep here and it shows in the honest family values most local folks embrace.

This simple, down home family culture is augmented by a highly sophisticated one centered around Sewanee’s Historic University of the South. The Cumberland Plateau from Sewanee to Monteagle to Tracy City has become a Mecca for the arts of all forms. So, whether you are looking for a tranquil getaway to nature, the companionship of good, basic people, intellectual stimulation or submersion in music, theater or art, it’s all here in the Sweet Spot of the South.

Fourth, Convenience. Everything I need is right here. Health Care, Education, The Arts & Entertainment, Restaurants, Shopping, and vibrant Centers of Employment – all within 5 to 40 minutes from the Village.

Low Cost of Living

  • Best Property Value in America
  • Low cost of Local Services
  • Low Insurance Cost (Property and Auto)
  • No State Income Tax
  • No Auto Registration Tax
  • No Ad Valorum Tax (Luxury Tax)
  • Low Sales Tax just minutes away in Georgia and Alabama.
  • Low Property Taxhttp://www.comptroller1.state.tn.us/PAnew/LR.asp?W=09
County City Property Tax Rates
County City Total
DAVIDSON NASHVILLE $3.5600 $0.5700 $4.1300
FRANKLIN TULLAHOMA $2.1136 $2.4400 $4.5536
GRUNDY TRACY CITY $2.0954 $0.3499 $2.4453
HAMILTON CHATTANOOGA $2.7652 $1.9390 $4.7042
KNOX KNOXVILLE $2.3600 $2.4600 $4.8200
MARION TRACY CITY (unincorp.) $1.8500 $1.8500
RUTHERFORD MURFREESBORO $2.7350 $1.4070 $4.1420
SEQUATCHIE DUNLAP $2.0400 $0.7300 $2.7700
WARREN McMINNVILLE $2.3100 $1.9900 $4.3000
SHELBY MEMPHIS $4.0200 $3.1957 $7.2157


Here is a list with links to just a few of the Mountain’s best features.

Commuting time to Shopping, Entertainment and Employment Centers

  • Only 10-15 minutes from The Culture & Amenities-Rich Resort Communities of Monteagle and Sewanee – Chamber of Commercewww.monteaglechamber.com
  • Only 5 minutes to Local Shopping and Services in Tracy City: 2 Supermarkets, 2 Dollar Stores, Pharmacies, Medical Clinics, Municipal Services, Video Rental, Banks, Restaurants, etc.

Mid-Sized Cities with a Super Walmart, Lowes or Home Depot, National Chain Restaurants

  • Kimball 20 minutes
    Explosive commercial growth. Kimball is the next expansion community North of Chattanooga on I-24. It will have most big-city retail offerings within 2-4 years. It now features a Super Walmart, Lowe’s Home Improvement Center, and a number of National Chain Restaurants. The Village on Sewanee Creek is uniquely positioned for direct access to Jasper and Kimball.
  • Jasper (Marion County Seat) 20 minutes
  • Manchester 20 minutes
    Heading north on I-24, Manchester also offers a Super Walmart, Restaurants
  • Winchester 25 minutes
  • Arnold AFB 25 minutes
  • McMinnville 40 minutes

Major Cities

  • Chattanooga 45 minutes
  • Murfreesboro (Nashville suburb) 60 minutes
  • Nashville 80 minutes
  • Huntsville, AL 60 minutes
  • Dalton, GA 1 ½ hours
  • Atlanta, GA 2 ½ hours
  • Washington DC or the Beach 8 hours

Education, Conference and Performing Arts Centers

  • University of the South, Sewanee
    Established pre-civil war and architecturally modeled on Oxford, this small, historically significant Ivy League school profoundly alters the cultural environment of the mountain. Check it out at:www.sewanee.edu
  • St. Andrews High School, Sewanee
    This private school (grades 9-12) is closely affiliated with the University of the South. It offers some of the most progressive educational opportunities found anywhere in America.www.sasweb.org/home
  • Dubose Conference Center, Monteagle www.duboseconf.org
  • St. Mary’s Retreat, Sewanee www.StMarysSewanee.org
  • The Monteagle Assembly, Monteagle
    Check out this unique 130-year old gated residential community. It serves as much of the inspiration for the community aspect of the Village on Sewanee Creek.www.monteaglesundayschoolassemboly.org
  • The Stage at South Cumberland, Monteagle
    Simply amazing quality performances you might expect to see only in a major city. Last season this open air venue featured such legends as the original Blood, Sweat and Tears and 3-Dog Night lead singer Chuck Negron. www.myproductions.org/The_Stage
  • Nashville, the nation’s music capital, AKA Music City is just over an hour away. No introduction required.

Outdoor Recreation

  • State Parks, Lakes and Recreation Areas
    • South Cumberland State Parkhttp://www.friendsofscsra.org/aboutthepark.htm
    • Grundy Lakes
      This beautiful park is the front door to the Village on Sewanee Creek. You must pass through the park on your way from Tracy City. Aw Shucks! It features tennis courts, fishing, swimming, and picnic facilities. The main lake is surrounded by historic coke ovens from a bygone era.
    • Foster Falls
      This stunning water fall is the back door to the Village on Sewanee Creek. You have to go right past it on the way to Jasper and Kimball. Life is hard here, but somebody has to do it!
    • Savage Gulf / Stone Door
      World renowned hiking and rock climbing.http://www.backpackcamp.com/SavageGulf.htm
    • The Fiery Gizzard
      Enter this amazing trail from near the center of Tracy City.
    • Fall Creek Falls State Parkhttp://state.tn.us/environment/parks/FallCreekFalls
    • Friends of South Cumberland Recreation Areahttp://www.friendsofscsra.org
  • Boating and Fishing
    • Tims Ford Lake
      Fabulous boating and fishing about 25 minutes away
    • Nickajack Lake
      Ditto Tims Ford except it’s on the Tennessee River about 30 minutes away.
    • Chicamauga Lake
      Cruise the shores of Chattanooga.
  • Hunting
    Legendary for its abundant wildlife, Tennessee offers deer and turkey hunting at its best.
  • Off-Road
    Downstream from the Village in Sewanee Gulf, is a popular destination for 4 wheel adventure. The entry point to the gulf is only a mile and a half away at the end of Greentown Road.
  • Cave Spelunking and Rock Climbing
    The natural rock features of the bluff offer unlimited opportunities right in our own back yard in the primitive common area of the Village on Sewanee Creek.

Restaurants within 10-20 minutes


Medical Facilities & Services