Arts and the University at Sewanee

University of the South

Sewanee Cathedral

Here’s a link to an article posted in today’s The Tennesseean, Nashville’s paper.

It highlights how wonderful it is to have the University (locals call it simply “Sewanee” or as it says in the article, the domain) nearby.

Several of you have mentioned the importance of a local arts community like the one around Asheville, NC. The article alludes to several artists in and around the domain, but there are many more tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the larger “mountain community” that includes the towns of Sewanee, Monteagle and Tracy City where we are located.

In case you are wondering about the connection with our name, the Village on Sewanee Creek is some 20 minutes drive from the town and campus of Sewanee. We derive our name from Sewanee Creek that flows through our Village. I added “the Village” to our name completely unaware of the use of the term as it applies to the domain. I just wanted to capture in our name my intense interest in building a strong local, integrated and self-sustaining community. I think the word village best expresses this ideal.

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