Inspiring Action

Watch this thought-provoking video.  Then scan through almost five years of my blog posts and see if you can answer this:

Why am I building this unique community in Tennessee?
Like Apple products mentioned in the video, it’s the reason people continue to buy land here at higher prices despite a terrible economy and a worse Real Estate Market.
Hint:  It’s not about the land.
See if you can boil my why down to a few words.  Then post it in a comment.

If  your why matches mine it could be worth cash towards your entry into the Village.

4 thoughts on “Inspiring Action

  1. Simon has a good point but his examples are terrible and inconsistent.
    We don’t decide to act based on rational thought, we act based on our sense of self.


  2. I’ll go out on a limb here. Your why is because of your belief that preservation of family and family values currently rely on a community that is not sustainable in the near future. It is your love for family and friends that drives you to make a place where there is hope despite an ever growing sense of demise on the horizon. A belief that if someone else isn’t providing a solution, then you must. To quote the movie Field of Dreams (1989), “If you build it, he will come.” If you build it, sustainable love will follow.

    I agree with Fred, Mr. Sinek’s examples were very loosely connected.


  3. Wisdom from a distance! I hadn’t thought of it in exactly that way, but you’re right on.

    I DO believe in the stability of families and true friends. Today’s popular wisdom dismisses and redefines families as almost anything and thereby undermines traditional families.

    The traditional family, built on a strong, caring father and strong, nurturing mother with a strong foundation of extended family and surrounded by other strong families who care and support one another is a tried, proven formula that has worked throughout the history of human kind. I guess the operative word his is strong. That’s what it will take to live a peaceful, happy life in tumultuous times.

    Don’t be too distant, Observer. If these are your beliefs and you want to live them, you are welcome at the Village.


  4. Me

    If you have people around you who believe in the tribulations that will befall
    Mankind before the return of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST they will prepare physically and mentally and spiritually and everyone will be helpful and have a sincere desire to be as a family community and not just neighbors who live down the street.


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