There’s a new game in town

If you have read many of my posts you know I don’t like labels.  I’m neither a conservative nor a liberal, neither a Republican nor a Democrat.  I think most real answers are somewhere outside of mainstream thought and are certainly not found in mainstream media.

So, I was delighted to learn of a new website that offers Americans a new option that circumvents the corrupt two-party system.  I found out about it from a NY Times Op-Ed piece titled Make way for the radical center.   I navigated my way to Americans Elect 2012 and joined.  I was presented with a lot of questions to answer that are supposed to link me up with other “like-minded” people.  As I answered each question,  the results of the other million + members followed and I thought, wow, this certainly has an extreme liberal/progressive skew.  I began to wonder if I’m that far in the minority.   I’m not easily bullied into changing my views even when vastly outnumbered.  I just wondered if mainstream America is really that far to the left of me.

Then I took a look at some of the forums.  There, I found that even self-avowed flaming liberals were acknowledging how stunned (and delighted) they are at the skewing.   I liked one self-proclaimed liberal’s comment that the site needs to bring in more conservative views.   I may or may not agree with his views, but I was impressed with his desire for an open, inclusive discussion.  As one who values solutions over polemics, I couldn’t agree more.

Please join the site and make your views known.  Maybe, if enough thinking Americans get involved we can turn this thing around.