Become water self-sufficient NOW!

In 2009 I offered what we call the “green rebate”.  It’s simple:  You put in an off-grid power or water collection system within a year; I give you back 10% of your land purchase price.  Most new Villagers have taken us up on it.

I want to make this offer even more tempting, more tangible and even easier for people who want to achieve off-grid self-sufficiency.  
Buy a lot and I will build you a rainwater collection system like the one I built for our family. It made us water self-sufficient with clean, chemical free, soft water. It cuts your home construction cost and ongoing water bill.

Tired of being a slave to the utility companies?    Let us show you how we freed ourselves.  Taste our crystal clear, healthy water. 
Then join us. It’s peaceful, secure living in God’s natural wonderland.

2 thoughts on “Become water self-sufficient NOW!

  1. I would love information on the rainwater collection system that you built for your family..Do you have a website or can you direct me to details and how to’s of this system. Thanks


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