Finding Peace in the midst of Turmoil

In my last post, I struck an upbeat note in anticipation of impending turmoil.  Since then, as expected, global financial markets have commenced melt-down in earnest.  Jobs are evaporating quickly and the news is filled with panicked people.
The short-term good news is the relief we are seeing in commodity prices including food, oil and even precious metals like gold.  Longer term, anyone who understands economics can see that we are headed for hyper-inflation.  Our dollar will buy less and less and prices will increase rapidly.  Many think we have already entered an unannounced depression.
Meanwhile, we are enjoying a continued sense of peace and joy in the Village.  How can that be so?  It comes from knowing that no matter what else is happening in the rest of the world, we live in a natural paradise with all of our needs provided for.  We continue to work towards complete self-sustainability within a community of people who are committed to working and playing together.

It’s not too late to find peace in the mountains at the Village on Sewanee Creek.

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