Telecommuting from your Tennessee Mountain Property may get even better

As I noted in a prior entry, I chose this location partly because it is strategically located for road warriors who can use well-placed airports and internet connections to retreat from the congested, polluted, stressful urban lifestyle. We already have broadband internet here at the Village, soon to have fiber optics direct to the house. We are strategically located within about 1:30 from Nashville International airport and about 45 minutes from the Chattanooga airport. So, I’m convinced that this is the place to be. An article in today’s Atlanta Journal caught my attention because it could make air commuting even easier. Chattanooga is being considered for expansion to regional hub status to take the pressure off of Atlanta’s Airport. Having lived in Atlanta’s Gwinnnett county, the airport drive usually exceeded one hour across town, so a 45 minute drive through pristine forests and across beautiful Nickajack Lake to Chattanooga is a major lifestyle improvement. Check out the link below.

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