Life in the Village

After a recent visit, my friend, Kerry Clay, wrote down his vision of life in the Village on Sewanee Creek.  I think he did a nice job of capturing it, so I’d like to share it with you.

“It’s Saturday morning and what are we going to do today?

We could watch the beautiful sunrise across the mountains from our back porch.
We could take the trail down the gorge to see how much water is flowing from Swallow Tail Falls.
Let’s take the east trail today that goes under Miller Falls. We might just go all the way down to the caves.
There’s a deer and look at those wild turkeys. They will always be here because of over 500 acres of nature preserve that all of us share in common.
Let’s wade the creek and look for natural treasures.
We could go down to the caves on our ATVs; we have an easement to hundreds of acres of 4-wheeler trails nearby.
Oh, these trees are magnificent, tall oaks, hickory, hemlock, maple and walnut. The ferns, mountain laurel, redbud and dogwoods, the hoot of an owl or cry of a hawk.

The big game is tonight and we have the amphitheater reserved. We’ll have steaks and ribs, burgers and dogs, on the bluff under the stars. Watching the game in high definition on the huge amphitheater screen will be better than being at the stadium.
I am amazed with our fiber optic communications systems for phone, computer and TV.

Last night we all rented a DVD and watched a great movie.
With the canyon view as a backdrop, the fire ring aglow, stars and full mountain moon. What a beautiful night it was.

We love the feeling of community here, sharing our big covered porch with close friends, our neighbors.  Drop by anytime for a visit. Let’s try that new cake recipe with coffee and fresh strawberries from the village garden ……mmmmmmmm it’s better out here.

There’s just something very special about our Village Called ‘Sewanee Creek'”.

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