Ground Breaking: 1st House in the Village

I am pleased to announce ground breaking for the first house in the Village on Sewanee Creek.  And the best news is that my family and I will be living in it.  Developer residence is an important feature that distinguishes our community.  It means that the developer deeply cares about quality of life values beyond profit.  We are committed to developing a sense of community at the Village and backing that commitment with our money and our lives.

Our home in the village will be built with fine craftsmanship in a rustic style.  It will incorporate:
– an in-home movie theater with a 12 foot wide screen and loft balcony seating,
– flexible, multi-use room design and
– an oufuro (Japanese style two-stage bath)
– High r-factor chemical free insulation
– Large South Facing windows for Passive Solar Heat
to name a few of its thoughtful features.
It is nestled in the woods between two creeks that run together.  While it is modest in size (just over 1,400 square feet inside), it is efficient in design and will  accommodate good sized groups for entertaining both inside and outside on its two full-length covered porches.

2 thoughts on “Ground Breaking: 1st House in the Village

  1. I see articles on downsized homes, are there any regulations on home styles, size, construction etc? What I have in mind is a traditional farm style home, front and back porches, approx 2600 sq ft. 4bdrm 2 1/2 bath. I have found a few companies that can design this in modular construction. I also want a basement. There may also be a need for an inlaw suite. My other concern is an article listing container homes, I have seen some that look appealing and others that look like poor hillbilliy shacks or trailers with an upgrade. I am not interested in a community that could look like a castoff refugee camp after time. I am concerned because this is a new community and want to know how it will develop over time before considering becoming part of this community.


    • We encourage people to build homes based on need. Some are planning to provide for extended family and need a larger home. Others recognize the utility of a small space and desire to downsize. My wife and I went from a 5,000 square foot home to 1,400 square feet. It is more than adequate for our needs. Because we seek to build a diverse community, housing needs are also diverse. There are no size requirements. We do require large covered porches, so your traditional farm style home would fit right in.

      Regarding container or any other type homes to be built here, I believe you will find that all primary homes are tastefully built regardless of size. The home you describe would be typical of those already in the Village or planned for the future. Residents of the Village are neither hillbillies nor hippies and their tastes reflect refined if not ostentatious sensibilities. We encourage modular construction. Depending on the maker, modular tends to be of consistently higher structural integrity. We also find that the difficulties sometimes encountered in rural construction are avoided with modular.


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