Green Development

OUR MISSION is to become a self-sustaining community
in harmony with nature and people.

Sustainability is at the core of our village philosophy. We strive to use resources to meet present needs without diminishing future generation’s ability to meet their needs. The foundation of sustainability is a diverse, thriving community that is ecologically sensitive, economically strong, and socially and culturally integrated.

Communities like this do not just happen. They are created. Step by step out of vision, hard work and commitment to active social development of the community.

My commitment to Sustainable Community:

  • Personal Sustainability: Commitment starts with me, the resident developer. It starts with choices like installing a self-sustaining rain water collection system on my home..
  • Environmental ContributionPreserving Nature: About 55 acres is a dedicated nature preserve, a green belt that is and always will be in its natural, beautiful and bio-diverse state.
    • Reclaiming Nature: Approximately 85 acres that was clear-cut some 6-7 years ago has been reclaimed for its highest use. What was a mess of briars and discarded treetops is now a vast meadow with sweeping canyon views where solar, geothermal and wind power can be effectively deployed.
    • Green How-To: Continuously working to build and improve a network of qualified environmental experts, contractors and suppliers.
  • “Thriving Human” Community Development that brings people together
    • Organic Gardens
    • Village Commons: entertainment and outdoor activities venues.
    • Nature Trails