Where can I get cheap gas?

Everybody is feeling the pinch of high gas prices.  Many are beginning to realize this isn’t a temporary thing.
What to do?  How about relocating to a place where we think long-term about all aspects of our lives, including the true cost of energy to our lifestyle, our peace of mind, as well as our pocket book?

I recently purchased a plug-in electric vehicle that I am outfitting with solar panels.  I like infinite MPG and $0.00/gallon.  In our rural location, we live only about two miles from a small town that supplies most of our daily needs.  A few more miles down the road is a wonderful University that supplies most of our social, intellectual and cultural needs.  All within easy commuting distance with our electric vehicle that cost under $5,000 equipped with solar.

What about the other energy costs in your life?  We are one of very few truly green communities that is working through all aspects of life after cheap oil and our damaged environment.  Our “green rebate” on the purchase of a lot puts money back in your pocket to help you install solar energy or a rainwater catchment system like the 7,500 gallon one we put on our house that makes us water self-sufficient.

Our community organic garden employs an organic coach that will help you learn to compost, improve the quality of the soil on your own mini-farm and ultimately reach the peace of mind that only comes from being truly self-sufficient.

Our unique combination of vision, philosophy, natural beauty and green expertise make this the perfect place to live an abundant, self-sufficient life in spite of a confusing, complex and distressed world.

Give me a call or come visit us to see how we are preparing our little village to live peacefully, a community in harmony with nature.

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