Provident, Self-Sustaining Community Living

I like the word “Provident”. It is seldom used or understood but captures much of the philosophy that drives the Village on Sewanee Creek. defines provident as
1.    having or showing foresight; providing carefully for the future.
2.    characterized by or proceeding from foresight: provident care.
3.    mindful in making provision (usually fol. by of).
4.    economical; frugal; thrifty.

Provident people live an enriched life independent of their level of wealth.  Their lives are full because they have an uncommon appreciation of truly valuable things – relationships, natural beauty, peace of mind, joy of life.  While they are often abundantly blessed financially, they would be equally happy in a financial crisis or living in modest circumstances because they are prepared, mentally, physically and spiritually for life’s ups and downs.  Life is not about ostentatious living driven by overwhelming debt  – the “keeping up with the Jones-es” syndrome.

Provident people build networks of provident friends by first being the kind of enriching person that others want to surround themselves with.  They are, in turn, enriched.  Imagine living in a community of friends who are talented, resourceful, loving and delight in sharing.  Because of their provident nature, they are prepared to weather any crisis.  The footprint of their lives is a net positive to the entire environment.

I live here in the Village and have a personal interest and commitment to building a provident, self-sustaining Community.  I have held these values from my college days when I was inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s “On Walden Pond”.  I’m not a hippie, a vigilante, a conspiracy theorist, a reactionary or extremist of any kind.  I just like good, talented people who love living abundantly in harmony with nature and other good people.

Care to join us?

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