The Self-Sustaining EcoVillage

The press is beginning to wake up to something known as Peak Oil.  Check out today’s Wall Street Journal for a feature article.

Yes, it’s time to wake up and get serious about achieving energy independence on a national scale for many reasons including our economic health, the health of the planet, the human cost of fighting over the remaining fossil fuels, to name a few.

But while we work with civic leaders to change things on a macro level, I’ve always believed that real change must start with me, where I can make an immediate and meaningful impact.  In the short term, my peace of mind and well-being depend on things I can do right now.

That’s why I’m building a community of people who are ready to enjoy an abundant lifestyle and to commit to an old-fashioned concept – a self-sustaining village.

Our mission is to become self-sustaining on four levels:

* Water
* Food
* Energy
* Community

I don’t believe the gloom and doom model is in the cards for those who think and act now.  Life should be sweet.  Send me an email if you would like to explore what life can be.

Green, Sustainable Development Incentives

The other day my wife and I were discussing the importance of sustainable, green conservation and construction in the Village.  We have already dedicated about 500 acres or 2/3 of the development to a nature preserve, but we agreed that we need to do more.

Here’s the plan:
1.  We have organized an advisory board of green experts to help us better define and drive green development.
2.  The first item on the board’s agenda will be to enhance the Village Covenants with construction standards for energy conservation, etc.
3.  We will rebate 10% of the lot purchase price up to $10,000 for installation of approved sustainable systems including solar water heating, solar energy, wind energy and rain water collection.  Installation must be completed within 12 months of closing.

Looking For Tennessee Mountain Property but worried about Financing? Not a Problem

Many have expressed concern over media hype of a Real Estate melt down caused by the sub-prime lending mess.

Not a problem at the Village.  We have established a relationship with outstanding lenders who stuck to their knitting when others were tempted to engage in questionable lending practices.  These lenders do not sell off their loans and lend only to qualified buyers.  As a result, their loan volumes and access to capital are unfazed in a tight credit market.

Excellent rates with quick processing are available for both land and construction.   With great financing available, the timing is right for savvy, qualified investors to take advantage of what many perceive to be a buyers market.

The Bluff Lots are Ready

Today, I am announcing the pre-sale of seven additional lots in a new phase (1B) at the Village.

Each of these bluff lots is truly spectacular.  Deep woods, old growth trees, bluff views.  Two of them feature waterfalls and one-of-a-kind Indian Rock houses.  They range in size from 5 to 8.5 acres.  All have direct access to the 500-acre wild, private preserve in Sewanee Creek Canyon.

Several of you have said you were waiting for the bluff property to come on the market.  Well, it is here.

A recent acquisition of land adjacent to Browns Hollow Road makes it possible to reconfigure the plat and immediately offer these large beautiful estate lots.  The new phase 1B lots are located at the western end of the development.

You can view an overlay of the village in 3 dimensions on actual satellite photos using Google Earth.  You will be able to see any lot from space or from a low angle deep in the canyon, explore the bluff line or zoom in on the amphitheater.  Email me for the Village GoogleEarth Map and if you need help installing the Google Earth viewer.  I will be happy to walk you through the installation.

PS:  Any of you who do not yet have and would like access to my private website, filled with additional photos, downloadable files and interactive discussions may request a password by email.  The private site is for people who are seriously interested in learning more and participating with the Villagers who are actively shaping our community.  You will find there the most recent pdf file plat (too huge to email).  You will also find a virtual community of people who are interested in living in harmony with people and nature and a self-sufficient lifestyle.

My Journal Begins

I’m Grant Miller, owner, developer and resident of the Village on Sewanee Creek.

With this entry, my journal on this website just became operational.  I will begin posting both past tense and present impressions as they occur.  Check back often for new entries and feel free to add your own comments.